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moroccan food

healthy moroccan food

healthy Moroccan food 

Moroccan food is a subject worthy of attention. I will present here some discoveries about Moroccan food. Of course, there are many others and I think it would be very difficult to show in a few images all the diversity of Moroccan cuisine.

Couscous. With or without meat, it is eaten today with a spoon all gathered around a dish. Also, important to know, it is traditionally eaten on Fridays and is served with a glass of Lben (fermented milk that looks like yogurt) at the end of the meal.

The tajine is also one of the emblematic dishes of Morocco. There are also some of them, with or without meat or even without vegetables at all (for example tagine kefta with minced meat and eggs). Each region has a tajine. The dish, called tajine, is heated very hot and is served hot. We eat it all sitting around the dish and it is the bread that serves as a cover.

Morocco is also known for its pastries whose diversity far exceeds that of us! Here are some specimens presented on this plate, a large part of them being prepared from marzipan.

I can not forget the mint tea. Well prepared, it is absolutely delicious, and there is nothing better than waking up in the morning with a good smell of tea!

 the Pastilla. Of Spanish origin, it is a kind of big pancake super burst (at the restaurant, is better to order one for two people) that we eat as input. If you want something lighter, there are also salads that are very good!

In the evening, we eat the harira. It's a very bursty soup that contains lentils or chickpeas.

On the streets, there are often street vendors who sell all kinds of goods. like fresh orange juice at a price more than democratic. Otherwise, you can also enjoy a small bowl of snails (yum yum ...) or a chickpea horn.

I let you discover the rest by visiting Morocco and of course by

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