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Moroccan wedding

In Morocco,  wedding is the flag of the continuity of the alliance and the basic piling of the family home. The marriage in Morocco is commemorated following a ceremonial drawing its sources in ancient traditions.

If the celebration of this phenomenon remains broadly similar in the different regions of the Kingdom, some local traditions excited and generated by immemorial practices enrich the daily life of marriage and give it a dominant character of a locality to the other.

Consequently, the arrangement of the marriage in Morocco varies according to the regions and highlights the cultural divergence which manifests, especially, by different ordinary (Costumes, rites, music, culinary traditions etc ...)


Moroccan wedding

These local peculiarities and legitimacy are kept and continued from generation to generation. They are the cardinal qualities of the Moroccan cultural divergence. It is in the festival of marriage that it discovers its most important expression.

However, in some Moroccan contingents, the wedding ceremony has seen changes in urban life and the selection of a modern way of life.

From a legal point of view, marriage is consecrated by the conclusion of an "adular act" confirmed by "Adouls" who act as notaries, in the presence of witnesses. It is equal to a marriage certificate and engenders the founding contract of the family.

Chronology of rituals

1- The Hammam

Bath purifier caught in great brilliance by the bride in the Moorish bath, in the company of women who are close.
A feast where the decent mixes with good smells and where the flame of the tealights, inflamed for the occasion in the dark rooms of the bath, is supposed to illuminate the path of joy.
This ritual gives rise to different practices and gifts loaded with symbols.

2- Henna

Henna is applied during festivals and weddings by the "hannaya", a woman responsible for the art of henna. The beneficent qualities of henna are allowed to protect against diseases and to guarantee success and fortune.
The feast of Henna or "Henna" takes place on the eve of the big day, in existence of the women of both families and friends. The bride is veiled and dressed in a green caftan and the "hanaya", feels to grind on his hands and feet pleasant patterns. This ceremony is the message to the status of wife.

3- The offering (H'dia)

The offering (H'dia)

The tradition of h'dia exists in all social classes. The gifts offered on this occasion to the bride by her husband are activity of the social situation and change according to the regions. But usually the presents are highly fabulous, such as sugar, symbol of a happy life, milk, symbol of clarity and purity, dates, henna, candles, flowers, etc ...

4- The Berza

The Berza

berzaLa "berza" which takes place on the day of the big ceremony is the event to show the bride to the guests. Dressed in a customary dress of brilliance, the bride is established so as to be seen and contemplated by all the audience, in a ceremony atmosphere rich in sounds and colors.

In Morocco, more than anywhere else, wedding is perceived, on both social and religious levels, as an act of great importance. It is painstakingly prepared as a major family event, celebrated happily as a great celebration, to which the families of the two married couples, together with their loved ones, their friends and their neighbors, are united in a sealed fate.

Acceptable for cities and large municipalities, this season is not quite when it comes to the campaign, or this festival takes a different approach, since it mobilizes spontaneously, an entire douar. The party continues for several days, in a rush of solidarity that gives the pace of collective spirit ever more resilient in rural and urban, in reasoning the very nature of life in the countryside.

So if the ceremony is completely the same in the coherence of the kingdom, the uses of its commemoration change from one region to another, to the vision of local traditions, the result being, depending on the case, to specify, consolidate or to allocate even more section to this or that aspect of the party.
Essentially, the model is the same in the north of Morocco as in its extreme south, in the east similarly in the west. It is the lace that is there that offers the viewer, the touch of each region, and its own buffer. Everything happens, as if every region of the country, remaining to bravely show its particular contribution, to value in value the talent and the contact of its men and its women, to deserve the care by which they enclose this great party as well as the quasi-religious respect for the rules governing its progress.

Each region wishes, by its local cut, to tap with its punch, this national embroidery, which happens to be ultimately a joint work. Each region is thrilled to shine a thousand lights, its dominant but very approximate signals of the divergence of our culture in homogeneity, our rules in harmony, our diversity in originality, and our character in the screen.


  1. i love these wedding traditions. they are beautiful specially the henna ceremony, which is like celebrated in all asia. i would love to see if they have something special in bridal shoes for wedding .