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what s the Moroccan traditional clothes?

Moroccan traditional clothing

moroccan tradutional clothing

Moroccans are proud to have a large and varied cultural heritage that is the result of the ethnic variation of Moroccan society. Moroccan traditional clothing is an important part of this heritage. In this article, I will talk about some types of traditional clothes that are famous in this wonderful country.

Selham Moroccan cape "burnous"

Burnous; It is a very ample cape reaching down to the feet and provided with a cap; it is closed on the chest by a seam. This partial closure mode allows to wear this cloak without having to drape and without using staples or buttons.
Although it is normally kept on the shoulders thanks to its closure the burnous allows Vaussi elegant drapes or asymmetrical neglected wearing. It is essentially a coat worn against the cold and has a hood adorned with a glans of varying size

Is a long loose dress with hoods of Berber origins it is worn in Morocco. The djellaba for women is different from men by its style and purpose. Women wear a djellaba for different reasons. First of all, it is a very comfortable and aesthetic garment. Secondly, it is a modest garment to wear in a Muslim country. Men only wear a djellaba for special occasions.

The caftan refers to the Moroccan garment that looks like the djellaba but without the hood. The origins of the caftan date back to the Ottoman Empire. Indeed it was one of the finest Ottoman clothes worn by the elite. Like other clothes, it has evolved over time.
moroccan women traditional caftan
The caftan refers to the Moroccan garment that looks like the djellaba but without the hood. The origins of the caftan date back to the Ottoman Empire. Indeed it was one of the finest Ottoman clothes worn by the elite. Like other clothes, it has evolved over time.

The haik:

To the difference of the rural woman, especially Berber of the high and middle-atlas and the Saharan woman, who does not veil her face, the Moroccan city-dweller could not go out into the street at the beginning of the1950s. less, without being draped with the "haik", a large piece of wool or cotton about five by six feet long, which conceals the forms of the body and veils the features of the face.
In Jbala, dress is one of the distinguishing features of Jebli culture.

The costume of the woman is presented in most of the country Jbala with three emblematic pieces.
The broad straw hat (Chachiya).

The called wool belt (Kurziya), often red, wool and cotton wrapped around the waist.

The skirt-apron (Mendile): clings to the belt by covering it, it is once around the waist opening on the front, and it covers almost the entire leg.

Chachiya: it is a large straw hat, made of braided doum leaves and embellished with four thick cords of wool that hold its broad edges.
Kourziya: a belt often of red color, wool and cotton wrapped around the waist.
Mendile: the jube-apron.

Amazigh coustumes: traditional clothing

Here are some symbolic images that show the traditional dress of the Amazighs in general and the Moroccan regions of Souss and Rif in particular.
This typical outfit of the region is the symbol of Amazigh culture in its depth.
It incorporates the know-how and the life of Amazighs.
It's more than an outfit, it's a way of seeing the relationships of life between man and woman. It is a strong unit incarnated in the resemblance between the clothes worn by men as well as by women.
It is also a typical attitude of the Amazigh towards his daily life and in full respect of his religion Islam, which he carries in his heart with pride and sharing.

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