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How to cook healthy?

How to cook healthy? cheffarid

How to cook healthy?

Healthy food is the trend of the moment! We see it flourish in magazines as well as social networks and some restaurants base their identity on this concept. But what is "healthy eating"?

In the true sense of the term, it is a question of opting for a healthy diet. Healthy food is therefore a natural and quality food whose food is rigorously selected for its health benefits. Eating healthy is choosing the best foods to boost the intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and to provide all the essential nutrients to the body. To cook healthy and be sure to choose healthy foods, here are the rules of thumb:

Cooking house

There is no question of eating prepared dishes stuffed with additives or processed products devoid of nutritional interest. To cook healthy, we choose only fresh products, ideally organic, that we prepare as simply as possible. No recipe to extend, no cooking too long: the food is preferably raw or prepared with gentle cooking (foil or steam) to preserve their vitamins and boost the capital form. To prepare healthy meals one also selects low-calorie foods and one leaf in the refrigerator the butter, the cream, and the cheese.

Bet on fruits and vegetables

Healthy food is above all a diet based on vegetables and fruits. These are of course fresh and seasonal to enjoy all their health benefits. Because all fruits and vegetables, if eaten fresh and seasonal, are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Fresh salads have ribs, smoothies, and vegetable juices are on the rise, not to mention the young shoots and sprouted seeds that bring this "so healthy" touch!

Opt for fish instead of meat

To eat healthily, we banish red meat: we prefer white meat that is allowed twice a week, and the rest of the time, we eat fish. The fish has the advantage of being rich in Omega-3, these precious essential fatty acids that protect the cardiovascular, hormonal, and inflammatory systems.
Ideally, small fish are chosen because they are the least loaded with mercury. We, therefore, opt for herring, mackerel, fresh sardines, trout, eel, or anchovies for example. Other fish that are less oily, but small, such as place, sole, cod, perch, mullet, sea bream or red mullet, hake, whiting, dab, etc. are also interesting.

Prefer the plant to the animal

In healthy cooking, the vegetable is on the front of the stage! Tofu is served in all sauces, vegetable drinks replace conventional dairy products and olive oil, walnut or avocado, for example, come instead of butter. These foods are known to be better for your health.

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