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Sfogliatelle recipe

cheffarid Sfogliatelle recipe

Sfogliatelle is an Italian pastry just as famous as tiramisu. This small cone is shaped like a seashell with very thin leaves. Fans like to prepare it with puff pastry, but it can also be prepared with shortcrust pastry. Zoom on a very gourmet cupcake rich in history.



Coming from the city of Naples, the Sfogliatelle means "small leaves" in English. This pastry shop was born in the heart of the 17th century when a sister from the Sant-Rosa monastery, near Amalfi, made a recipe with the flour and water she had left. She added ricotta, cherries, and lemon liqueur to it.

A few years later, in 1818, the pastry chef Pintauro was inspired by it and created Santa Rosa. She then had a wild success with this family which had its own pastry shop.

A simple recipe to make

Ingredients for 6 people

For the dough:

250g of flour

125g lard

100g of water

For the stuffing:

60g cooked wheat semolina

70g ricotta

50g of sugar

1 egg

25g of candied fruit of your choice

1 tablespoon of vanilla flavoring (liquid or 1 clove)

1 tablespoon of orange blossom


Icing sugar for the final decoration.



First, combine the flour and water that make up the dough and half of the lard.

Then knead your ball of dough. Let it rest for 2 hours in the refrigerator, then roll it out with a rolling pin. You should end up with a dough that is 20 cm wide and very long.

Spread the latter on support and brush it with the rest of the lard. After that, start at one end by rolling it up like a cigar and work through to the end of the dough.

Then, cut it into small slices that you will adjust in the shape of cones.

In a container, mix the ingredients for the stuffing and garnish half of each cone with this stuffing, closing them carefully like a ravioli. Finally, brush them with clarified butter and bake your sfogliatelle in the oven at 356 f degrees for 20 minutes.

At the end of cooking, sprinkle them with icing sugar. Time for tasting!$

Anecdotes to know

Sfogialtelle is a blend of smooth cream, fruit notes, and a flaky texture. It can be kept for 15 days like small dry cakes or can be eaten out of the oven.

Some like it with whipped cream inside while others will add white chocolate, pistachio-flavored cream, or simple custard.

The Sfogliatelle also called the "coda di aragosta" or "aragostina"

Better when it is homemade, there are two kinds of Sfogliatelle: the soft “frolla” made from shortcrust or shortbread dough and the finer and crunchier “riccia” with a flaky base.


In short, this pastry will delight the most gourmet during the festivities. A true cousin of the French croissant, it is a staple in Italy.

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