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custard pastry cream recipe



After studying the basic pasta to make your pastries successful, I propose to give you an overview of the different creams that can be used to make the best desserts. French pastry is certainly one of the most famous and one of the most complex. So follow the guide, I explain everything about creams: custard, chiboust cream, diplomat cream, chiffon cream, almond cream, Bavarian cream, whipped cream, buttercream ...

The recipe of the pastry cream

Ingredients for about 550 g pastry cream: 

4 egg yolks

 65 g caster sugar

 60 g Maize cornflower (or 80 g flour)

 500 g semi-skimmed organic milk, vanilla powder


1. Heat the milk in a stainless steel saucepan, remove it from heat as soon as it is smoked. (If you are using a whole vanilla bean, slice it lengthwise, scrape the seeds, and put everything in the milk, let it infuse for a few minutes.)

2. Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, using a whisk. Then add the cornstarch, little by little, until you have a smooth preparation.

3. Pour the hot milk slowly, so as not to make lumps.

4. Put the cream back in the pan. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until the cream thickens. You must see the whip leave a mark in the custard when you stir.

5. Add vanilla powder.

6. Film the cream on contact (the film should touch the surface of the cream without letting air in), to allow it to cool without forming a crust.

Variant :

- Replace the vanilla with the fragrance of your choice (orange blossom, violet aroma, cocoa powder, pistachio aroma, raspberry aroma ...)

Maïzena or flour or even flan powder for pastry cream( Custard )?

You will see the two ingredients to choose from in the recipes, and sometimes even the flan powder (which is based on cornstarch and sugar).

- With cornstarch, the catch is faster and the texture lighter. There are 10 g of cornflour per 10 cl of liquid. Good to know: corn starch does not contain gluten.

- With wheat flour, the intake is slightly longer and the texture is a little more floury in the mouth. We count 20 g of flour for 10 cl of milk. It is often used in catering because it is less expensive than cornstarch.

A pastry cream( Custard ) without lactose?

For people with allergies or intolerant to lactose, of course, cow's milk can be replaced by plant milk. Oat milk or rice milk works great, for example in this lactose-free strawberry pie.

To have a pastry cream without lumps

The ideal is to whisk the yellow mixture of sugar eggs before incorporating corn starch. Then, take care to add the milk little by little, mixing well, so that there are no lumps.

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