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Bavarian cream

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Bavarian cream

After cream of almond pastry cream and chiffon cream, fire on another base of  French pastry.

Bavarian cream, what is it?

It is a "pasted" custard, that is to say, added gelatin, which is incorporated whipped cream. It can be perfumed with fruit, chocolate, coffee, rum, kirsch, pistachio ... There are also Bavarian creams in which the custard is replaced by fruit puree.

The Bavarian cream thus obtained can be used in two ways:

poured immediately into mussels and then put in a cool place, which gives very cool (Bavarian) desserts.
used in more elaborate recipes, for example, charlottes, pastry cakes, or "rice with the empress" (rice pudding mixed with candied fruits macerated in kirsch, lightened with Bavarian cream then served, once unmolded, with a red fruit coulis).

Bavarian cream


6 sheets of gelatin

2 vanilla pods

½ liter of whole milk

8 egg yolks

1250 g of powdered sugar

600 g whole cream


Soak the gelatin sheets in a large amount of cold water.
Prepare the custard: split the vanilla pod with the tip of a knife and scrape the seeds. Bring the milk to boil with the seeds and the vanilla bean. In a bowl, whisk egg yolks with sugar until a ribbon forms. Gradually pour the boiling milk over the sweet eggs while mixing. Pour into a saucepan and cook on very low heat, stirring, until the cream "tablecloth" spatula (see all our tips to succeed the custard).
Squeeze the gelatin and stir in the hot custard, stirring to dissolve.
Dip the bowl containing the custard in a bowl filled with ice cubes and stir regularly until the cream is almost cold and begins to thicken.
Beat the whipped cream and add it to the custard. Use immediately.
Keep refrigerated for at least 2 hours.

Three tips to succeed every time

Do not wait before molding the Bavarian cream (in silicone containers, baking circles ...) or using it in a recipe, so that it matches the contours of the mussels and takes the desired shape.
Stir the custard while it cools to avoid the formation of a skin surface (pastry, it is said that it must "winnowing"). We can possibly give him a little boost to make it homogeneous.
Do not overdo the whipped cream: if it is too firm, it will be difficult to incorporate in the custard and the result in the mouth will be less light.

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