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how to make buttercream

Buttercream is traditionally used as a garnish for Christmas cookies with cream butter and Paris Brest. For individuals who do not master the cooking of sugar, I suggest you replace the buttercream with cream chiffon much easier to achieve.

Buttercream is quite complex to make. It requires a pastry robot, a thermometer and a good knack for the cream does not slice.

see the full recipe in the video below

Ingredients for about 600 g of buttercream: 

200 g of very soft butter, 200 g of caster sugar, 5 cl of water, 2 eggs (100 g), 40 g of egg yolks (2 or 3 yolks ), Aroma of your choice (praline paste, vanilla, coffee, matcha green tea ...)


1. Take the butter out at least 2 hours in advance, cut it into small cubes and let it soften at room temperature.
2. Place the sugar and water in a small stainless steel saucepan. Heat to form a syrup.
3. Meanwhile, place the 2 eggs and yolks in the mixer bowl.
4. Start whipping eggs at low speed.
5. As soon as the syrup reaches  239° F / 115 ° C, remove it from the heat and pour it on the yolks while whisking at full power.
6. Continue whisking until the mixture has cooled completely. She will gain volume and whiten.
7. While continuing to whisk, gradually add the butter ointment.
8. Add the aroma of your choice and stop as soon as the preparation is homogeneous. Be careful not to whip it too much, the buttercream may slice.


When pouring the syrup over the yolks, pour it on the bowl wall and not on the whisks to avoid spraying the boiling syrup.

In general, the cooking temperature of the sugar for making the buttercream is 239° F /115 ° C  in the small bowl but you should know that if you cut the cooking at 239° F /  115 ° C the sugar will continue to rise in temperature up to 248° F / 120 ° C and risk of crystallizing in the whisk when mixing while cutting the cooking at 230° F / 110 ° C the sugar will reach the ideal temperature.

Other methods for professionals

They each have their advantage. They are also codified in the classic books, and this to reassure those who see the kitchen only through a single book, a single reference, a single classicism. But even if that was not the case ... The main thing is to achieve success and success! You choose!

1. With the Italian meringue: Incorporate with the whip 200 g of ointment butter in small parcels on an Italian meringue made with 3 egg whites and 150 g of sugar.

2. With the custard cream: add 200 g of pomade butter in small pieces to an English cream (1 dl of milk 125 g of sugar and 2 egg yolks), still hot, emulsifying.

3. Sponge cake way: add 200 g of ointment butter in plots on the basis of a sponge cake still hot and without flour (125 g of sugar and 2 eggs).

We will find technically the same gesture and the same remarks. Liquefaction, and tightening of the texture. If you encounter difficulties of the cream type unstable and pieces of butter that do not melt, rectify by pouring a little hot butter. Or, conversely, if the temperature is too high, we will climb either on ice, or we will place the cap in the cool.
Remember that the use of food processors greatly facilitates our work and offers perfect results surpassing the only manual realization.

how to make buttercream video :

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