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puff pastry recipe

puff pastry recipe

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puff pastry 

What would our pastries be without the invention of puff pastry? The mille-feuille, the well of love, the pithiviers, the cake of the kings and other vol au vent would certainly not have emerged. It was without counting on the Greeks, who since ancient times developed a particular way of working this paste made from flour, water, salt and butter: by inserting clumps of butter allowing it to inflate to the cooking. Later, the techniques became more precise: turning and detailing enriched a dough, which became the basis of many desserts. Conquered, the whole world was inspired by it!

The basic recipe for homemade puff pastry is easy to make, it just takes time to make all the folds necessary to have a good puff pastry. Here is the traditional recipe, which will serve you for example for your galettes des rois , Millefeuille and Chausson , or aperitif Crackers & Cookies to sprinkle ...


make the dough :

275 g flour
170 g of water
25 g melted butter
1 pinch of salt

For the butter :

200 g of butter
100g of flour


1.Make dough : mix together flour, water, melted butter and salt until a smooth paste is obtained.
2. Form a ball and let stand a few minutes.

3. Make the butter: knead together the butter and flour on the work surface by crushing the butter with the palm of your hand
4. Make it into a square about 15 cm wide. dough and butter should have the same texture, if it is not the case, let it rest in the fridge the time it hardens a little.
5. Spread out your ball of dough in the shape of a cross, with a slight bulge in the middle. To do this, start by spreading two opposite sides.
6. Turn the dough and spread the other two sides.
Spread out the dought

7. Correctly reposition the cross dough by hand.
8. Put your butter in the middle and squeeze it to expel the air bubbles. Fold the sides of the dough over the butter.
puff pastry recipe

9. Remove the excess flour and weld the edges well.
puff pastry recipe
10. Spread your square lengthwise with a rolling pin: it must be three times longer than it is wide. Be careful not to puncture the dough.
puff pastry recipe

11. Fold your rectangle in three, on itself.
puff pastry recipe

12. Squeeze the edges by squeezing lightly with your rolling pin. Then let stand 20 minutes minimum in the fridge.

puff pastry recipe

13. Rotate your dough by 90 degrees. Spread it back in length, fold back, weld the edges and repeat the operation again. You made three "turns" at this point: your dough was spread three times and folded on itself.
14. Let stand in the fridge, then give two more "turns" to your puf pastry.
15. Let stand for another half an hour before spreading it for use in your recipes.

I hope that recipe can help you to make a good puff-pastry.

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