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organic food

Organic food

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organic food 

Organic products have been popular for several years. And for good reason, they allow to feast healthily and naturally. Quinoa, tofu, various seeds or vegetable milks, there is a multitude of products grown mainly in organic farming and which lend themselves to wonderful recipes. Without chemicals, organic fruits and vegetables are especially in the spotlight and invite themselves in sweet or savory dishes. You can also use original organic flours to make tasty breads and cakes..

What is organic food?

In terms of food, the trend is organic. As a result, organic supermarket shelves continue to grow and organic stores are flourishing even on almost every street corner. Renowned as healthy and natural, organic food is often equated with good health. But what is bio exactly? What does it hide behind this protected label?

The name "organic" means "from organic farming"

Organic refers to all foods and products that come from a culture that uses methods of production that respect both the environment and animals. Organic farming favors natural raw materials and prohibits additives, fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides, which are harmful to health. It banishes sweeteners, dyes, flavor enhancers and artificial flavors.

The AB label - for Organic Farming

It is identifiable thanks to a logo is awarded to any organic product that meets the requirements of the organic convention of the European Union. The specifications of the latter are very strict and very detailed for each category of products:

Fruits, vegetables and cereals: the products are derived from seeds without Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and grown without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Meat, fish, eggs and milk: The breeding method is based on respect for animal welfare. The animals themselves benefit from an organic diet and are treated first and foremost with alternative medicines. They must have access to the outdoors and sufficient space to live properly. Thus organic farmers do not use growth hormones and they do not use animal meal, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or dyes.

Processed products (dairy products, biscuits, ready meals ...): To be stamped "AB", these foods must consist of at least 95% of ingredients from organic farming. They must not contain Genetically modified organisms GMOs, chemicals, food additives or preservatives.

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