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Swiss meringue buttercream


At the moment, I'm really into layer cakes, so I tested several recipes for creams to wrap my cakes. And that's it, I found the best! Swiss meringue buttercream!

I had tried this recipe before but was not completely satisfied, so I put it aside for a bit. But there, I tried again by changing the proportions a little and it was just perfect! My cream was very smooth, light, delicious, and super easy to spread :)

how to make swiss meringue buttercream

Swiss meringue buttercream

Be careful, this recipe is very different from the one for the light buttercream that I uploaded 3 years ago. This one is really super easy and suitable to be spread on cakes, while the previous one is more to replace buttercream in traditional cakes like strawberries, Paris-Brest, etc.

Often, layer cakes are coated with a mixture of butter and sugar. It's great because it holds up really well, but eating is still quite indigestible ... There, we put a lot less sugar and we replace it with egg white mounted in a meringue. And it's magic! Super good, light, I definitely adopt this recipe!

It's important to have super soft butter. This is really the secret to the success of this recipe. You can either take it out of the fridge the day before and leave it at room temperature or spend a few seconds in the microwave while thawing.


For the equipment, you will need a pastry robot and a food thermometer.

Preparation time: 15 min / Cooking time: 10 min / Total: 25 min

Ingredients for wrapping a layer cake 18 cm in diameter and 18 cm high (approximately!):

4 egg whites

200 g caster sugar

200 g of softened butter

Preparation :

If you have a food processor, place the food processor bowl in a bain-marie (if not, place a simple container).

Pour in the egg whites and powdered sugar and whisk until reaching the temperature of 122 ° F. This is unique to Swiss meringue: you heat it up when you assemble it.
You will need a food thermometer.

Take the preparation off the heat and continue to whisk until it cools.

Then incorporate the super soft butter little by little (it takes about 5 minutes), whisking at medium speed.

soft ointment butter

Whisk for about 2 more minutes. You will see your preparation turn into a very smooth and creamy paste. Above all, take it slow and watch carefully because if you whip too much it will be dead, you will sow everything and it will not be recoverable!

All you have to do is spread your Swiss meringue buttercream on your layer cake :) I recommend the molly cake for the inside of the cake, it's the best.

Swiss meringue buttercream recipe step by step  en video :



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