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 Swiss Meringue

                               Swiss Meringue  awesome shapes

One of the basics of pastry! Most often, this meringue is used for decorations of Christmas logs ...

Ingredients for small decorative subjects:

125 g egg whites

250 g caster sugar

Equipment used :

Stainless hen
FMC Pro Whisk
Infrared digital thermometer

Technical stages for Swiss Meringue:

  • To make this Swiss meringue recipe, start by preparing all the ingredients.
  • Pour the egg whites in a bowl or pastry bowl.
  • Add the caster sugar and mix with a whisk.
  • Beat with a hand whip to assemble the meringue.
  •  above a bain-marie (simmering water).

  • The mixture must rise to a temperature until it reaches 40/45 ° C for this purpose use a laser aiming thermometer. Or a very simple way to know if you are at a good temperature, without using a thermometer, soak the top of the finger in the preparation. The feeling of warmth must be barely bearable At this moment...
  •  transfer the mixture to the drum of the mixer and beat at maximum speed until completely cool.
  • The meringue is ready to use. Generally baked at 100 ° C maximum, it is also perfect for lemon pie decor. 

  • This meringue has the particularity of withstanding the resistance to the phenomenon of oozing caused by sugar that turns into syrup and pearls after a few hours. In the case of the cooked meringue, it is also used for the realization of small decorative subjects (examples: swan and mushrooms in the meringue that decorate the Christmas logs) or as in the video I have formed pretty cookies and forms especially this Beautiful snail garnished with cream I hope you like it well. It is particularly well preserved, dry, in a windowbox between 4 and 6 weeks, or more ...

Cook, savor ... then if you wish, share/publish (below) your

opinion on this recipe.


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