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Italian meringue

Italian meringue

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Italian meringue

There are 3 types of meringues: French meringue, Swiss meringue, and Italian meringue. Today I propose to you the recipe for the Italian meringue, the one based on cooked sugar!
And I assure you, no reason to panic! It will be necessary to have a food thermometer, it is true, but apart from that there is zero difficulty

I know this recipe is scary because of this cooked sugar story, but apart from plunging the thermometer into the pan and waiting for it to score 244 ° F, frankly, there is nothing special to do! I assure you, it's a myth this story, the Italian meringue, it's really easy!

The Italian meringue will serve you for example for macaroons, to meringue a pie, or to lighten a buttercream.

Preparation time:          10 minutes 
 Cooking time:    25 minutes  
Total:         15 minutes

Ingredients needed to roughly coat a pie with Italian meringue:

3 egg whites

150 to 180 g of powdered sugar

30 g of water


Start by placing the sugar and water in a saucepan. The sugar must be covered with water. If you put too much water, it is not a problem because anyway, we will evaporate it entirely. It will be just a little longer. So, I actually never weigh the water, I just cover my sugar directly under the tap.

Regarding the amount of sugar, you have two options:

  • Either you want a nice meringue tight, in this case, it remains twice the weight of white, so 180 g of sugar (1 white weighs 30 g, we have 3 so 90 g, 2 times that gives us 180 g).

  • Either you prefer a recipe hairless pretty but less sweet (it can also depend on the use you make of it), and in this case, it can be limited to 150 g. No fewer cons, sorry!

Heat everything up to 237 ° F (yes I said 244 above but we get there!).

When you are around 237 ° F, start whipping whites. As soon as the sugar reaches 244 ° F, pour it on the whites, without stopping whipping.

3 small tips:

Reduce the speed of the robot to avoid splashing.

Do not pour the sugar too close to the walls of the tank because it will stick on it and harden instantly.

Try to avoid the whip when you pour for the same reason.

Return the robot to full power and whisk for about 5 minutes, until the meringue drops to 122 ° F.

It is ready if it forms a nice bird's beak when you raise the whip.

If it does not form the beak of a bird, one whips a little more.

You can use this meringue to cover pies or to decorate cakes or desserts with small meringue peaks.

You can also cook it in silicone molds to give it the shape of your choice. The use of a quality silicone mold will save you time demolding and will fully respect the taste of food.

Cook, savor ... then if you wish, share/publish (below) your

opinion on this recipe.


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