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vanilla Meringues

vanilla,meringue (food),
 vanilla  Meringues 

I think you understand what I will offer you! A gourmet coffee break with crunchy and fluffy meringues and a nice vanilla scent

To entertain children, think of coloring the meringues with a few drops of food coloring added at the same time as the powdered sugar.

Difficulty:              easy
Preparation:           10 minutes
baking:                   1 h
Total time:              1 h 10 mn  


Ingredients / for 6 people

3 egg whites

100 g of sugar

100 g sifted icing sugar

The juice of a quarter of lemon

The tip of a yellow dye knife

1 vanilla pod


1 Beat the egg whites with the mixer (or mixer), increasing the speed gradually.

2 Add 2 tablespoons of sugar, when the eggs are white. Let the whites go up and add the rest of the sugar little by little.

3 When the meringue starts to stand, add the lemon, keep beating.

4 Pour the icing sugar in three times, while continuing to beat (the sugar must be completely dissolved, continue to beat if it is not the case). Then add the grains of the vanilla bean and mix one last time.

When you raise the whip, it must form a "bird's beak".

6 Place a sheet of parchment paper on a baking sheet.

7 In a piping bag with a fluted tip, place with a brush (or finger) a few strips of dye diluted in a little water. Then put your meringue in the piping bag, make swirls or just a touch (for mini mini meringues).

To finish

Cook for one hour at 212 ° F . Take out of the oven and let cool on a rack.

Cook, savor ... then if you wish, share/publish (below) your 

opinion on this recipe.


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