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Almond and candied cherry biscuit (Mchewek)

Almond and candied cherry biscuit (Mchewek)

Almond and candied cherry biscuits(Mchewek)

Mchewek with almonds is traditional Algerian / Algerian petits fours very appreciated. Gluten-free, honey-free decorated with candied cherries.

Almonds are tapered or roughly crushed; they can be replaced by peanuts for a more economical biscuit or coconut, so you get a recipe for mchewek with coconut.
this traditional Algerian biscuit that can be made for the aid and which is part of the long list of Algerian sweet delicacies, a recipe of mchewek within the reach of everyone easy and fast which recommends that a few minutes of preparation and cooking ideal for beginners nothing like to be familiar with these sweets typically Algerian.

I also propose a recipe of Almond and candied cherry biscuits, my favorite!

Author: pastry chef

pastry: Algerian     recipe type: biscuit       peoples: 20

preparation time: 10 mins    backing time: 12 mins         Total
 time: 22 mins


-300g ground almonds.

-150g of thin sugar (or sieved caster sugar)

-the zest of a lemon.

-1 egg and 1 egg yolk

-1cc of vanilla extract

-For the coating:

-80g of flaked almonds

-1cc orange blossom water

-1 egg white

-10 candied cherries.


-Heat the oven to 350 f
-Mix ground almonds, fine sugar, vanilla extract, and lemon peel.
-Add the egg and egg yolk and pick up the dough you will get a soft dough.

-Form balls of 3cm in diameter and 25g each


- Beat the egg white and the orange blossom water lightly and dip in the almond balls.


- Roughly chop the flaked almonds and coat the almond balls in the flaked almonds.
- Make a hole on each ball and press a half candied cherry.

-Dispose the mchewek on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and bake for 12 to 15 min it must not harden (in contact with the air they will harden)

-Let them completely cool before handling them they keep perfectly in a hermetic box to be served at any time with a good mint tea


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