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capital of morocco


capital of morocco

A culturally rich city

Rabat Imperial is the capital of the kingdom steeped in history. Throughout its streets, the stones attest to this rich past, decorate the streets, make a charming setting that you like to discover.

Distinguished by UNESCO as a modern capital and historic city, Rabat is a small concentration of Moroccan heritage! The Hassan tower first, unfinished minaret and which dominates the city for more than eight centuries now. At its feet, you discover the esplanade and the famous Mausoleum Mohamed V. More than a grave, the monument is a tribute to Arab-Muslim art. It mobilizes all the charms: carved in white onyx, it is adorned with marble, plaster and finely carved woodwork.

Elsewhere, it is the Chellah, an ancient city whose vestiges are still standing. Cross its walls, walk under its monumental gate and discover one of the most surprising archaeological sites in the country!

Finally, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Oudaya Kasbah. Take the time to walk there because an impression of tranquility emerges from the place. Visit the gardens that decorate this ancient fortress, the art galleries all around before sitting on the terrace of the Café Maure and sip a delicious mint tea accompanied by Moroccan cakes.

To explore Rabat is, according to the stones which mark out it, to dive in the heart of the history of the Kingdom!

Golf and water sports in the Moroccan capital

Various sports in the green city

the elegant is also Rabat the sportswoman. There are plenty of opportunities to work out in the Moroccan capital, which alternates between land, water and air activities.

On the coast, the beaches multiply the opportunities: amateur glide? Jet skis, surfboards and windsurfing boards are available. On the beach of the Oudayas, you can also go on the water in kayaks and discover the coast in a whole new light!

In the land, the activities are more diverse still. Hit the little white ball on the Royal Golf Dar Es Salam. The course is legendary, alternating fairways, greens and bunkers in the middle of an enchanting setting. Riding lovers also find their account in Rabat: many equestrian clubs welcome riders and offer hiking, obstacle course and polo matches. Hikers will find their happiness in Akrach, not far from Rabat.

The more adventurous will go to the flying club Salé. On site, you enjoy quality infrastructure and you can try safely paragliding, hang gliding or flying light aircraft.

Land, air or water sports, your stay in Rabat will be rich!

Rabat green city

Rabat green city

In Rabat, nature takes place in the very heart of the city. Committed to an eco-friendly approach, the country's capital has 230 hectares of green space, in the middle of which one can enjoy cultural and natural heritage.

The Kasbah of the Oudayas and its Andalusian garden, the necropolis of Chellah, the green belt, the forest Ibn Sina and the garden of Test express the best this union. Not to mention the Rabat Zoo where animals are presented in their natural habitats.

A few kilometers from Rabat, it is the Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel that will delight you. Covering 4.5 hectares, they shelter more than 600 plant species from 5 continents and 80 animal species.

The surrounding area is not far behind. On the road to Fez, the Maâmora forest will welcome you for picnics with friends or family. Rather towards Mehdia, you will have the opportunity to cross migratory water birds in the Sidi Boughaba nature reserve. Towards Khmisset, the peaceful natural lake of Dayet Roumi will allow you to practice paddle and jet ski, as well as fishing.

True to its eco-responsible spirit, Rabat la verte is waiting for you!

Shopping in Rabat


Rabat is an active capital, especially in the walls where the effervescence of shopping streets and markets is notable. Traditional handicrafts coexist with those revisited by modern designers.

Appointment to the medina: the historic district is full of stalls of all kinds. A maze of thematic lanes will make you discover different trades. Souk Sebbat and Souika streets are full of leather goods, babouches and bags, traditional fabrics and clothing. Further on, rue des Consuls showcases the silver jewels and the famous rbatis rugs that make the city famous. Local gastronomy is not to be outdone: Moroccan pastries, spices and all kinds of local produce will delight your taste buds.

Embroidery is another of the arts perfectly mastered by the Rbatis. Brocade of silk, chiffon, cotton and linen are embroidered with virtuosity to compose marvelous pieces of fabric that will be used for the development of traditional clothes such as caftan and upholstery.

A few kilometers from the medina, it is the potters who are in the spotlight. In Salé, the Oulja complex is dedicated to them. You will discover craftsmen who shape the clay earth, who have fun of its flexibility and its reliefs to make tajines, vases or luminaries: charming memories and very useful daily instruments! You will also find in Oulja wrought iron and basketry items.

Always on the frontiers of the past and the present, Rabat offers you a craft and a know-how with incontestable authenticity and which nevertheless accommodates the most audacious innovations in the air of time!

A living cultur


                    A living culture

City rich in high places and monuments, Rabat is also distinguished by the vitality of its intangible heritage.
Thus the rbati craftsmanship is famous. Make your idea! See you in the medina. From father to son, artisans work on fabrics, leathers, gold and silver jewelery, not forgetting the famous rbati rug, a masterpiece of finesse and harmony. Not far away, in Salé, pottery, ironwork and basketwork are in the spotlight: a whole complex is devoted to them.

Rabat is finally music. The city has made the festival Mawazine Rhythms of the World, an event of international stature: every year, free concerts feature the biggest national and international stars, to the delight of tens of thousands of spectators. But it's all year long that the Moroccan capital is vibrating with the rhythm of world music: the tunes from Andalusia, the swing of the jazz orchestras are also put in the spotlight during major events.

In Rabat, the culture is rich: it is always awake, takes lively, playful!

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