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what is gluten?


Gluten: is found in many foods that are consumed daily: pasta, bread, pizzas ... But with all our advice, you will quickly find alternatives to please you by respecting your diet. And if you ask yourself questions, what kind of benefits are gluten-free, why are some people intolerant, and so on? ? We tell you everything! This food will have no secret for you, and then you will be certain that the gluten-free food is good!

Eating without gluten is sometimes complicated, as it is found everywhere in ready-made preparations. So much to bet on the fact-home, certainly. But to find recipes without traces of gluten, especially without wheat flour, hello the puzzle! This is the case for aperitif recipes, which are often made from puff pastry or other floured products.

And as the aperitif is a moment of conviviality not to neglect, no question of depriving it! That's why cheffarid thought of you and you selected some gluten-free recipes for a cocktail with 0 risks, 0 frustration, and 100% gluttony. To peck at all, without exception!

Bake on the vegetable with a cucumber apple gazpacho, mini skewers of grapes with Mimolette, a verrine of mousse with zucchini, dried tomatoes, and whipped cream, stuffed mushrooms with fresh cheese, or skewers of cherry tomatoes with mozzarella.

aperitif recipe without gluten

Quiche without dough (and without gluten)

    Quiche without dough (and without gluten)

Do you dream of feasting on a delicious quiche, but are you gluten-intolerant? Here is the recipe you need! This tasty quiche without dough is easy and ready in a jiffy. Light, it goes wonderfully with a small green salad or a few crudités. For picnics, starters, or dinners, this gluten-free quiche is perfect for all occasions.


3 eggs

½ liter of milk

100 g of cornstarch

2 slices of white ham

100 g grated Gruyère cheese

10 g of butter



In a salad bowl, pour the cornstarch. Add the eggs one by one by beating with a whisk. Pour the milk slowly while continuing to mix. You must obtain a creamy and homogeneous paste.

Cut the ham slices into cubes. Add them to the mixture and the grated cheese. Pepper to your liking. Mix well.

Butter a tart pan 24 cm in diameter. Pour the device into the quiche.

Bake the quiche without dough for 40 minutes (oven preheated to 356 ° F). When it is golden brown, remove it from the oven. Enjoy the warm or cold quiche.


This gluten-free quiche can be declined with many fillings. You can, for example, recycle your leftover cooked vegetables (ratatouille, cauliflower, leeks, peppers ...) by substituting them for white ham. You will get a light vegetarian that will delight all gourmands!

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