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What are ASMR  videos and how to seeing people's eating can help you relax, according to a study?

It's curious

Internet is a fascinating place and it is more and more filled with content that has the ability to satisfy everyone's experience, and of course, YouTube is one of the pioneering platforms in this area. It is on this site that a new trend has emerged: the so-called "Asmr" videos. Up to three thousand views, these videos have become very popular and they flow from the ink on the strange phenomenon they cause, although they only have people who eat dishes by making noise.

Nice conducted his investigation to find out what happens when we look at an ASMR video, why they have become so popular, and above all, how they can be considered as therapeutic videos.

                                                The automatic response of sensory meridians

What is called Asmr (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), or in French, automatic response of sensory meridians, is a biological reaction that generates pleasure when we hear or when we see something that satisfies the brain. It is a feeling that is not always perceptible by everyone, but for some, it causes a physical answer, like chills in the neck of a hen.

The new phenomenon on YouTube

On the famous platform, the videos classified in the ASMR category have become very popular. We see a person facing the camera, whose only goal is to eat a dish. However, it's not about any dish, but a hearty meal with abundant food and varied textures. The meal is tasted with an amplified sound so that the spectator can hear every detail, whether biting, chewing, swallowing, or swallowing a sip.

Some of these videos can be accompanied by an explanation in the introduction, in a low voice, almost suggestive, with the aim of generating an ASMR sensation.

A sensory experience

Even though for some people, this fascination may seem strange, there is an explanation. A study published in the Plos One scientific magazine, claims that ASMR seems to share similarities with sensory experiences such as chills, that some people know by listening to particular music, and deep aesthetic experiments, such as those associated with emotion. wonder.

This activity has been observed in the anterior prefrontal cortex area, as when we look at highly moving works of art. This could represent a strong and complex emotional response, especially for people who are used to responding more intensely to certain triggers, such as whispers, strident noises, hand movements, crunchy food, or even movement lips.

The emotional complexity of the ASMR

Asmr's eating causes tingling sensations and promotes positive sensations of calm and emotion. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that these responses have only been observed in people who have identified with the ASMR and only when they watched ASMR videos. Thus, the study suggests that the ASMR is a complex emotional mixture that includes the activation and deactivation of the positive effect.

ASMR as relaxing therapy

Net users watching ASMR videos often write in the comments that these videos help them sleep, relax and fight stress and anxiety. The results of the research revealed that indeed, this type of video regulates emotion and can have a therapeutic benefit for those who experiment with ASMR. For example, this can reduce heart rate and promote positive feelings as well as interpersonal.

Have you ever known this sensory answer by looking at someone who eats?

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