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Moroccan Mint Tea

moroccan mint tea secret

Salam allaicom, hello, The mint tea شاي بالنعناع (shāí bil n'anā), or more commonly أتاي (atāy), لأتاي (latāy) or تاي (tāy) according to the region is the traditional drink of the Maghreb countries.

This tea is obtained through the infusion of green tea leaves and spearmint, accompanied by a lot of sugar. Throughout the Maghreb, it is served very hot. It is not only drunk during meals but throughout the day. It is, more particularly, the drink of hospitality. Unlike cooking, made by women, tea is traditionally man-made: prepared by the head of the family, it is served to the guest, and does not refuse. A great number of virtues are lent to the drink, especially tonics and digestive.

Its preparation and taste vary according to the regions and countries of the Maghreb. For example, it is sweeter in the north than in southern Morocco. In some areas, some pine nuts are added. Mint is normally nanah, mint, common in North Africa). Moreover, especially in winter when mint is rare, it sometimes happens that we replace it with or that we add to the mint leaves of absinthe (Chiba or ch'hiba in Maghreb dialect), which give the tea a very pronounced bitterness.


½ liter of water.

1 bunch of fresh mint.

1 tablespoon of green tea.

White sugar with convenience (ten pieces or more).


Carry one-half liter of water to a boil. In a teapot going on fire, pour a tablespoonful of tea.

Wet it with a bottom of boiling water by rotating the teapot. Empty this first water. The operation serves to eliminate some of the tannins, responsible for the tart flavor of the tea.

Now fill the teapot with boiling water and let simmer for one to two minutes.

On the bunch of mints, take a handful of leaves (remove the stems) and wash them. Introduce them in the teapot, out of the fire (the leaves should not cook or boil, or they would give off a less pleasant perfume).

Sugar well, this compensates for the bitterness of the tea.
Pour into a glass and pour the contents into the teapot. Renew the operation. This allows to dilute the sugar and oxygenate the drink to develop its fragrance.
In small glasses placed on a tray, pour the hot tea in a long net, so as to make it foam. Fill to two-thirds and decorate with some leaves or branches of fresh mint.

Enjoy with a good Moroccan pastry.

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