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Seffa medfouna with chicken (angel hair)

seffa madfouna (angel hair)
Seffa medfouna with chicken (angel hair)

Seffa (or Ceffa) is a Moroccan specialty usually served after the main course (with red meats or poultry) and before the dessert (often with fruit or mint tea and oriental pastries).

There are different Seffa recipes: Seffa of couscous, Seffa of rice, Herbel (boiled milk) ... and my favorite Seffa medfouna with chicken is made with vermicelli It is not about any vermicelli, you have to choose the variety "Angel's hair" sold either already cut about 1 to 2 cm, evening rolled in the shape of a nest (as for the tagliatelle). You can find it in supermarkets or in oriental grocery stores.

It is a friendly dish, we love to eat with family, so we must be rather numerous. It is a holiday dish, it is prepared so for great occasions or to receive friends or family but not only for these occasions, I'm having fun with or without a party! I have not eaten since this summer to tell you that it is not a dish every day!

Let's go to the RECIPE!


chicken 4 skinless thighs cut in half

1 onion white, minced

1/2 glass of oil

1/2 teaspoon of ginger

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 scoop of saffron powder

1/4 spoon of saffron

1/2 teaspoon of pepper and a little salt

2 tablespoons honey

1 small stick of cinnamon or cinnamon powder

for angel hair it is necessary:

500 gr of angel hair

vegetable oil

100 g raisins


icing sugar

70 g of butter

100gr roasted almonds

100 gr roasted peanuts


In a casserole saute chicken pieces with spices, onion, cinnamon stick, oil. As soon as the onion is down, pour a large glass of water (double glass) and let it cook. As soon as the chicken is cooked (10 minutes for me casserole minute closed), we sprinkle the meat with a little cinnamon and put the spoons of honey, then let the sauce reduce well. Stir occasionally. Book. At the same time, take care of steaming "angel hair".

Sprinkle the angel hair with a little oil so that they do not stick, steam them in the top of a couscoussière for 15 minutes, until the steam escapes through the hair angel.

Pour into a large bowl, add salt, half the butter and sprinkle with a few spoons of the cooking water, and put back on the heat.

Bake again for 15 minutes and repeat the process, this time adding the well-washed grapes and boiling water. Cook a third time for 15 minutes, at the end of the cooking add to the angel's hair the remaining butter and a little icing sugar according to the taste.

In a large dish place half the hair of prepared angels, arrange the pieces of chicken and cover with angel hair.

To put the "hair of angel" on the chicken to bury it (that is why it is called medfouna) giving it the form of a pretty pyramid. Garnish with almonds and crushed golden peanuts. 

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