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Definition of A Baker

A bakery is a shop that produces, decorates, and sells bread, pastries, cakes, desserts, and other food.

 Baking is the art of creating light-textured foods that often have flour as their main ingredient. The term "bakery" can also refer to the room where bread is baked. Some small businesses are called bakeries or bakery bars which sell pastries but do not produce bread. In the United States, a bakeshop is usually a small store that sells baked goods.

In the Philippines, a bakery is called panaderia. Panaderos makes bread, cakes, and pies from scratch using traditional recipes. Panadero means a person who bakes or sells bread in Spain or Latin America. In Mexico and Peru,they are called panadero. In Argentina, panadero refers to a person who makes artisan bread and pastries in small amounts for private consumption because bakeries started to become more commercialized.$


Functions of A Bakery

Managing the inventory and resources of the bakery. Ensuring compliance with health, safety, and quality standards in line with legal and regulatory requirements. Preparing and reviewing monthly budgets and profit projections. Managing the bakery's staff and ensuring they have suitable training to ensure their personal and professional development. Assisting in the overall business strategy, including developing new products, services, and markets. Surveillance activities to ensure there are no instances of fraud or theft occurring within or around the workplace.

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