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Chebakia Moroccan pastry special Ramadan

Chebakia Moroccan pastry special Ramadan

Chebakia Moroccan pastry special Ramadan

Here is another kind of small cake that makes the pastry Oriental: the Moroccan Chabakia. They are also under the name of Griwech both in Morocco and Algeria. Brown and shiny, these Cupcakes, easily recognizable by their sandblasted texture and their intertwined shape, are based on sesame seeds and Honey and delicately scented with anise (or) cinnamon and saffron) and Fleur de Sel. orange. These sweets are tasted at any time and will make you travel with a good cup of mint tea ...
A caloric bomb but also rich in good nutrients that rebooted after a long day of fasting during the month of Ramadhan, to be tasted with a good Moroccan Harira for balancing the acidity of the tomato contained in the soup is a sweet mix- salty which is just a delight!

Required ingredients

For cookies:

500 gr of flour - 1 pinch of salt - 1 egg yolk - 2 cases of white vinegar - 100 gr of melted butter - 100 gr of grilled and ground sesame seeds - 1 tsp of anise powder - 1 tsp of yeast bakery - 1 teaspoon of orange blossom water - water needed to pick up the dough.

For cooking and finishing:

1.5 L of cooking oil, 1.5 to 2 L of liquid honey, 100 g of sesame seeds.

Step 1
In a bowl, mix sifted flour, a pinch of salt, sesame, anise, yeast, and mix everything together. Add the melted butter, the egg yolks, the vinegar, the orange blossom water, and then knead, gradually adding enough water to obtain a smooth and manageable paste. Divide the dough into 3 small balls. Cover and let rest a few minutes.

2nd step
Roll out each dough on a floured work dish about 2mm thick. Using a serrated wheel (or a special cutter chabakias) detail rectangles 10 cm long and 6 wide. Cut each of 6 to 8 incisions (to make strips) parallel to the length leaving a margin on each side so as not to cut the edges (see photos).

Take each incised rectangle in one hand and with one finger, lift the 4 odd strips upwards, leaving the other 2 hanging down. On the other hand, join the two opposite sides (those of small width), then pass the odd bands over the close edges to twist them and thus form a flower. Repeat the operation until the rectangles are exhausted.

Heat some cooking oil in a big pan and then when hot, put the chabakias on them 6 and cook on each side until they are golden brown. Drain and place as you like on paper towels and soak them in hot liquid honey. Finally, sprinkle with grilled sesame seeds. Enjoy...

           Enjoy your meal

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