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The smells of Morocco transpire us in this recipe which is also as well known in Spain. . Here is the recipe of one of the famous dishes of Morocco


1 onion

2 branches of coriander

3 branches of parsley

3 cloves of garlic

salt (to taste)

200 g squid

250 g shrimp

2 tbsp. paprika

1 C. pepper

1 C. cumin

1/2 c. coffee saffron (powdered dye)

1/4 c. saffron pistil

2 green peppers

1 red pepper

olive oil (to the eye- to cook the onions at the beginning of cooking)

vegetable oil (to the eye- to cook peppers)

750 g white fish (cod, pollock, or other)

100 g of rice vermicelli

1 teaspoon of sunflower oil

60 g of butter


Fry onion, coriander, chopped parsley, chopped garlic, and salt in a frying pan with olive oil
Once the onions soften, add the squid and shelled shrimp
Preparation of the spices: put the paprika, saffron pistil (to grind to reveal their flavor), pepper and cumin in a small bowl so that each spice does not mix with the others
Preparation of peppers: seed peppers and cut into strips and put in another oiled pan. Add salt and cover. Cook them, stirring occasionally

Seasoning: Mix all the spices and put one part in the seafood frying pan and the other one for the peppers
Add the white-fleshed fish to the seafood stove. Cook over low heat
Add a portion of the pepper strips to the fish. Reserve the rest for the stuffing
Prepare the vermicelli according to the manufacturer's instructions. Add to the fish stuffing
Assembly of the pastilla with filo paste: Put in a bowl the oil and the butter. Melt in the microwave
Spread in the bottom of a round dish the first sheet of filo pastry. Coat it with the melted mixture. Spread one on the other until about 5 or 6 sheets of filo. Arrange them in the shape of stars so that no part of the mold remains without paste

Pour half fish-seafood stuffing, and then put over half of the pepper preparation. Repeat the same process again (the other half stuffing fish-seafood and then the remaining stuffing with peppers)
Place on top a sheet of filo pastry folded in 4. Fold all the dough edges towards the center and brush with butter and melted oil
Put in a hot oven at 392 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes until the dough is golden
At the end of the oven, return to the plate of preparation and decorate with lemon and cooked shrimps

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