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Moroccan traditional pastilla with chicken

moroccan traditional pastilla xith chiken
Moroccan traditional pastilla with chicken

Bastila or traditional Moroccan pastilla has become a culinary reference over time. The chicken version (with the pigeon) or chicken and almonds is most commonly cooked. To make a good puff pastry and crisp, the main ingredient will be the sheet of brick is bought or prepared house. The stuffing is made with onions (which will caramelize with honey), chicken, parsley, coriander, eggs, and toasted almonds: a mixture of sweet and savory flavored with cinnamon. A festive dish that is served at the beginning of a meal.
This Moroccan pie is prepared in different stages, which requires a little time. But in the end, super easy and super delicious.
 Some do not adhere to sweet-salty but here I guarantee that you really feel the mixture. I let you discover the recipe:

Recipe pastilla (for a pastilla of 28cm or several small):

-12 sheets of brick

-1 chicken washed, emptied cleaned of one kilo

-1 teaspoon of turmeric

-1 teaspoonful of ginger

-1 teaspoon ground pepper

-3 sticks of cinnamon

-1 half saffron cube

-15cl of oil

-1/2 bouquet (in all) of coriander and parsley


-1 pinch of saffron

-1,5kg of onions

-125g of sweet butter

-70g of sugar

-1 teaspoon of cinnamon (1/2 percent and 1/2 over there ... see the recipe!)

-11 eggs (yes that's it ... !!)

-2 tablespoons of oil

Fried almonds:

-375g of fried almonds

-25g icing sugar

-1 + 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

cinnamon, icing sugar for finishing

Thoroughly clean the chicken and remove the last little feathers!
Cut the chicken in half.
Put it in a pot.
Add ginger, turmeric, pepper, oil, cinnamon sticks.
If found, add a half cube of saffron (Maghreb grocery).
Add a small body of water and put on moderate fire. Cook for 5 minutes, turning the chickens over.
Add the onions cut into strips. It does not matter whether it is perfect or not, because they will reduce considerably.

Finely chop the half bunch of coriander-parsley.
Add the herbs to the onions.
Put the lid on. Put the saffron on the hot lid for a few minutes to exalt the aromas and dry it a little.
Rub the saffron between the palms of the hands and add it to powdered onion chickens.
Add the butter too.
Mix from time to time with a wooden spoon.
Then cook gently for about an hour and a half to two hours with the lid. It must still ensure that the onions do not burn in the background!
Remove the chicken pieces.

Once the chicken pieces are cooked, remove them from the pot and place them on a separate plate.

Continue cooking the onions that will cook in all the good fat: oil, butter, and chicken juice. Yum!!

By mixing constantly, reduce the onions as much as possible.

Add the sugar (70g) and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.
Then cook again to caramelize the onions. It must be done without ever burning anything! ... Obviously!

Separate the onions into two parts. Leave half in the pot and the other half in a bowl for the final assembly of the pastilla.
Break the eggs and beat them omelet. Add this giant omelet (eleven eggs anyway !!) in the remaining half of the onions and mix constantly with a wooden spoon as for cooking scrambled eggs.
The eggs will cook fast enough, but you have to go far beyond simple cooking ... It takes almost ten minutes.
Add two tablespoons of oil and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.
You must cook them until their water has evaporated. The fat will come out of the eggs: it's ready! But not before!

When the chickens are chilled, shell them and put all the flesh aside.
Put oil to heat in a saucepan over moderate heat. It takes a bottom of oil to cover the almonds.
Add the almonds without their skin.
If there is a lack of oil, add a little to cover and cook.
The oil will heat well and the almonds will begin to fry.
It takes a little time and you have to mix regularly to avoid burning almonds. When they are golden brown, drain them.
Then let cool on paper towels.

Mix the almonds in coarse powder, add the icing sugar.
Add a spoonful and a half to cinnamon. Mix well.

At that moment, we can put everything in the fridge and rest to continue the next day ...
That's all ready!
Cut the chicken flesh into small pieces.
Oil a 28cm round dish (a cake dish).
Oil the top of the pastry sheets a little, then add the eggs (with onions).


Add the chopped chicken.

Add the almonds.

Add a sheet of brick. With a little beaten egg, brush the turn of this last leaf.

Finally, place the last sheet on top and well oil all.

Bake at 350 f. The weather is difficult to determine ... !! It must be monitored, but after about twenty minutes, the pastilla gilded well.
The pastilla is ready when it is golden brown everywhere. Anyway, everything is already cooked inside, so only the cooking of leaves: golden and crispy. Unmould the pastilla on a plate. She is upside down.
Put a dish on it and return it all: the pastilla is almost ready !!

Taste well hot ...

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