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Mayonnaise recipe

homme made mayonnaise recipe

If you've ever tasted homemade mayonnaise, you know how delicious and far superior to any commercial product. The mayonnaise is fresh, incredibly creamy and its taste is really "pure".

The advantage of this mayonnaise recipe is that it makes a small amount at a time, which is a plus for food that does not keep long. And as it is so fast and practical (we can simply put a lid on the Mason jar to keep our homemade mayonnaise in the fridge), we can do it again as needed.

Mayonnaise recipe  Ingredients / for 6 people

1 egg yolk

1 teaspoon mustard

150 g sunflower oil

1 pinch of salt

1/2 teaspoon of pepper (or a little more and preferably white pepper)

1 teaspoon lemon juice  


In the bowl or in a bowl, put the egg yolk with 1 tablespoon of oil and the mustard.

With a manual whisk, mix using a rotating movement to mix the mustard with the egg yolk. While whisking, gradually add the oil to a drizzle. Continue until the oil is well incorporated.

As soon as the mixture thickens, season with salt and pepper. At the last moment pour the vinegar.

To finish

All ingredients must be at room temperature. For more airy mayonnaise, use the whole egg. You can season the mayonnaise with tarragon, lemon, coarse pepper, curry  ... This mayonnaise has a shelf life of 48 hours. Ideal for barbecues, family meals ... Good homemade hot dogs or burgers.

Tips for making homemade mayonnaise

The texture of mayonnaise may vary a little, depending on the oil used, for example. It could thus be a little thicker, or a little more yellow.

On the other hand, it is important to realize that the result will not be quite the same as that of commercial mayonnaise. Homemade mayonnaise, in general, is indeed less white, less thick, and a little runnier. It's normal (and according to gourmets, even better)!

There are two important elements to remember to make this mayonnaise recipe a success.

The container in which we mix must be narrow; the hand blender should just stick to it. The less space, the better the result. I recommend a 500 g Mason jar with a large neck, as is often used for jams and jellies.

The egg, lemon juice, and oil (if you normally keep your oils in the fridge) should be at room temperature. The emulsion does not work as well with cold ingredients. To bring an egg to room temperature in a few minutes, immerse it in a glass of warm to slightly hot water.

The conversation

The homemade mayonnaise can be kept in the fridge for about 1 week. Lemon juice acts as a preservative that helps extend the life of the raw egg. However, it remains at its best in the first days.

As with all foods that contain raw egg, caution is advised with young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those who are immunosuppressed.

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