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How to make french Apple pie

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How to make a french Apple pie

Apple pie, the favorite French dessert I offer you today in its classic version, a crispy sweet shortbread pastry crisp and melting at the same time garnished with apple compote deliciously pie and all adorned with a rosette of apples cut into slices and caramelized, nothing more comforting than a simple seasonal pastry, easy, economical but so tasty to enjoy with a good hot tea! Test and tell me in a comment what you think!


For a pie of 8 people (circle 24 cm)

Sweet shortbread pastry:

250g of flour

75 g icing sugar

140 g of butter

25 g of almond powder

2 g of salt

1 egg

The filling:

300 g of applesauce

3 to 4 apples


Start by preparing the sweet dough according to the recipe here so that it can rest cool.
Then prepare the applesauce if you do not wish to use that of the trade.
Preheat the oven to 356° F.

Peel and cut the apples in half and thinly.
Lower the sweet shortbread on a baking paper to facilitate the stain regularly to a thickness of 1/2 centimeter then darken the pie in a lightly buttered and floured mold, please make sure to adhere to the mold by pressing well then remove the surplus then prick the bottom of a fork.

Place the compote in the bottom of the pie and spread it in a regular way and garnish with apple slices.
Bake at 356 ° F for about 45 minutes Let the pie cool before unmolding, to give it shine you can brush the pie with a topping or slightly warmed apricot jam.

Good realization and good tasting!

here's the french apple pie recipe on video:

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