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no bake cheescake

 no bake cheescake

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 no bake cheescake

The good thing with a bake-free cheesecake is that it can be done in any container, as it does not go in the oven we have free choice!

but you can make small verrines in glasses or even in plastic containers, not bad it's not going to bake!
On the other hand a tip if you use plastic containers rather fragile: do not pack the biscuit, crumble only at the bottom of the plastic verrine!

So personally I have to prefer in terms of taste the cheesecake with cooking, but frankly this one is super good, no cooking no gelatin.

Preparation time:                     about 30 minutes
Cooking time:                          NO COOKING yeah!
Rest time in the fridge:             minimum 4 hours, ideally a night in the fridge


For the crust

150 g butter cut in small cubes

200 g of speculos (or small butter or Digestives cookies to choose)

100 g oatmeal

For the cream:

1 vanilla pod or a vanilla essence

600 g of Philadelphia cheese  (or St Moret)

150 g caster sugar

1 beautiful lemon (or an orange) untreated

300 g of wholemeal cream (the bottle is 33 cl is perfect, put everything, but it is very important that it is ENTIRE! No lightened cream! No no diet for this recipe or it will be missed)


Red fruit coulis, raspberry OR lemon curd ..

At first prepare the crust:

Butter or line your baking pan with parchment paper (no preparation necessary for verrines)

Reduce the cookies to crumbs (either by wrapping them in a cloth and crushing them with a rolling pin, or by breaking them with a mortar, or last and best solution ... a passage in the robot!)

In a saucepan, fry the oatmeal on low heat, stir regularly with a wooden spoon, as soon as you start to smell a little oatmeal (about 5 minutes), add the butter cut in small cubes and cookies, leave on the heat stirring regularly until the butter is melted and all this mixture seems homogeneous.

Remove from heat, if you use plastic verrines, let the biscuits cool before filling them, if you use a mold, you can dispose of the biscuit mixture.

Lightly squeeze cookie crust to obtain a flat surface. Book in the fridge.

Cream :

Finely zest the lemon and squeeze the juice.set aside.

Put the cheese in a large salad bowl.

If you use the vanilla bean, split it in 2 and collect the seeds using a sharp knife, otherwise add your vanilla essence.

Add the zest and the lemon juice and the sugar, mix well (the mixer is much simpler but you will also need it for the chantilly attention)

Take the whole cream, the salad bowl and whips from the mixer out of the fridge or freezer, empty the small bottle of cream in the bowl and whip your cream until it goes up in whipped cream, this is not normally very long, if you have used the right cream and you beat hard enough in 4 minutes you should have a nice whipped cream, it is ready when it forms small peaks.

Mix the whipped cream with philadelphia cheese cream twice, taking care not to break the whipped cream.

The first time you can mix normally to bind the cream but the second time go there more slowly to get a nice cream and compact air.

Put this cream on your crust, smooth the surface, place the cheesecake in the fridge for at least 4 hours! The best is a complete night.


Deposit 10/15 minutes before using the whole cream in the freezer with the bowl and whip of your drummer, if your freezer is too small, in the fridge!

Take out a little cheese in advance.

Cook, savor ... then if you wish, share / publish (below) your 
opinion on this recipe.


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