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caramel and chocolate cube cake

caramel and chocolate cube cake
 cube cake

A recipe that I had wanted to try for a long time: this cube cake is so original and delicious! I loved preparing it, and even more, eating it because it was a pure delight

The recipe video is here:  cube cake :

I created my own recipe which is just awesome.

I really wanted to make several different cubes of cake, even if, I admit, it necessarily lengthens the work.

Fortunately, to help me, I had the small cube mold and these supports. Without them, I would not have embarked on this adventure!

The mold is made up of 27 cubes of 3 cm per side, so exactly what you need to make this cube cake.

The quality is really at the top: the mold is super strong, it stands by itself when you lift it, it goes in the oven and you freeze, I was delighted!

Regarding the cubed cake itself, it's a dessert, so you will have to start the recipe the day before so that it has time to go in the freezer.
Inside, the cubes are composed of a caramel mousse and a sponge cake.
I then covered them with 3 colors of melted chocolate:



200 g of white  chocolate

75 g of whipped cream

200 g creamy caramel 

prepare the caramel mousse

melt the white chocolate, whip up the cream, and prepare the creamy caramel then mix together the ingredients.

Rubik's cube cake


Cut the sponge cake into 25 squares. Those cubes are 3 cm in diameter.

Rubik's cube cake

put the edges of the sponge cake at the bottom of the cubes. Place the caramel mousse in a pastry bag.

Half fill the cubes of the mold with the caramel mousse.

cover with another edge of sponge cake, fill the court again with the caramel mousse then cover with the edges of sponge cake.

finish filling all the edges.

Place in the freezer overnight.




melt the white chocolate and divide it into 2 parts one white and the other red or whatever color you want for me I use white and red.

melt the dark chocolate to obtain 3 types of chocolate white, red, and dark chocolate. 

Rubik's cube cake
Rubik's cube cake


Turn out the cubes, dip 9 cubes in the white chocolate, and dip 9 cubes in the red chocolate and then the 9 remaining in the dark chocolate.

Put in the freezer for a few minutes

To finish the decoration, you can add a little gold leaf and crushed hazelnuts.

It's finished! You can even spin your Rubik's cube, but take it easy, it's a trick! To drop everything after so much work, would still be a shame.

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