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no-bake cheesecake ( honeycomb cheesecake )

no-bake honey cheesecake

It's the return of cheesecake! A little recipe with a delicious taste of honey, do you like it? This cheesecake will be a sensation, both by its appearance and its flavors, let's go:

the recipe in the video :

For the dough:

200 g of Petit Beurre cookies

100 g of melted butter

For the cheesecake mix:

10 g gelatin

50 g of water

wait 20 min

100 g of honey

400 g of cream cheese

100 g yogurt

hot water

300 g fresh cream

freeze 30 min

for the clementine juice preparation :

1 tbsp gelatin

10 g water

wait 20 minutes

100g clementine juice

10 g sugar

Yellow food coloring

freeze for 2 hours


Crumble the Petit Beurre cookies and mix the crumbs with the melted butter for me I used the chopper to win time. Pour the mixture into the bottom of the mold and press with a spoon. Let the mold cool for 30 minutes.


mix the gelatin powder with the water and set aside for 20 minutes

in a salad bowl add the cream cheese and the yogurt to mix well until obtaining a homogeneous mixture after adding the honey.

in a double boiler, melt the gelatin mass and add it to the mixture of cream cheese, yogurt, and honey.

whip up the fresh cream but not whip up too much just to have a smooth mixture.

 fold in the whipped cream with the first mixture. Mix all.

 Place about 70% of the mixture on the biscuit base and smooth everything, refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.


prepare the mixture of clementine juice 

mix the gelatin powder with the water and set aside for 20 minutes

Bring the clementine juice to a boil (I chose the clementine juice but you can also  use orange juice or lemon juice ...)

then add the sugar and the gelatin mass.

let cool then mix with the rest of the first cream cheese mixture and color with the yellow food coloring, place it on the cooled no-bake cheesecake.

Spread it evenly and cover carefully with bubble wrap cut to size. Press lightly so that the pattern appears in the cream. Then put the no-bake cheesecake. in the fridge for 2 hours.


Then remove the bubble wrap, unmold the no-bake cheesecake, and spread honey on top



 A true masterpiece that will perfectly punctuate any meal with your loved ones. Enjoy your meal'!


no-bake cheesecake

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