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Shortbread Cookies

shortbread cookies ghriaba bahla

Shortbread Cookies Ghoriba Bahla

The Ghoriba bahla (SILLY) is around Moroccan biscuit cracked very melting in the mouth. An economical dry cake without eggs, handmade with few ingredients flour, sugar, oil, and/or butter, flavored with cinnamon and sesame seeds.

It is a gourmet pastry easy to make, traditionally served with coffee or mint tea at parties, the day of Eid in particular! Very similar to the Algerian ghribia, the Tunisian ghraïba, and Andalusia's montécaos.

 Give careful consideration PLEASE:

A few formulas call for resting the batter a few hours or overnight, at that point plying single-acting preparing powder into the mixture in no time before molding and heating. This formula doesn't require that resting step, yet the dough must be worked quite a while by hand or with a stand blender to accomplish the right consistency.

Customarily Ghoriba Bahla was prepared on a shaped heating sheet that yields cookies with a curved base. These days, be that as it may, numerous home bread cooks utilize a regular preparing sheet

Preparation time 15M

Cooking time 15M

Total time 30M

What You'll Need

1/2 bowl of sesame

4 bowls of flour

250g caster sugar

2 bags of baking powder

250g of soft butter

table oil to pick up the dough

How to Make It


mix and  Work the butter + sugar + flour, the remaining ingredients ( sesame seeds powder, yeast ), and add at the end the oil table.

Preheat your stove to 338 F (170 C). On the off chance that you don't have an uncommon ghoriba form, line a general heating sheet with parchment paper. There is no compelling reason to oil the ghoriba form.

Take a segment of the mixture and crush it in your grasp to pack and shape it. Shape it into a 1/2" (3.5 cm) ball, at that point straighten it in your palm to a smooth circular shape. Rectify any split edges.

Shape and Bake the Cookies

Form small meatballs in the shape of small balls, then put in the oven, unlike other "ghribats", ghriba behla, must bake first up, then down, to succeed in cracking, it is very important this step.
Let the biscuits cool completely before removing them from the plate. Enjoy the ghriba bahla Shortbread Cookie with a good mint tea.

shortbread cookies ghriba

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